Class Etiquette for Yogis

If you’re new to yoga, or just new to Anahata, here are a few tips to make your visits more comfortable:

~Please remove your shoes upon entering the Center. The floor we walk on is also the floor we practice yoga on, so we like to keep it as clean as possible.

~Please arrive on time. The first few minutes of practice often set the tone for the whole class. Besides, it can be a disturbance to other students if you arrive late.

~You don’t need to have your own yoga mat, you’re welcome to borrow ours anytime. Many students decide to purchase their own after falling in love with yoga at Anahata. Sometimes, they even “double up” and put their mat on top of one of ours for extra thickness.

~Speaking of mats, some students find their mat is a very safe and even sacred space. Please avoid stepping on someone else’s mat.

~Please avoid wearing perfumes or heavy scents. Many students are sensitive to smell.

~Please avoid smoking an hour before class. Many students find the smell distracting.

~It’s a good idea to eat an hour or two before class. Practicing yoga on a full stomach can cause nausea or vomiting. Morning students: Practicing on a completely empty stomach can be just as uncomfortable.

~Sometimes teachers will offer posture assists in the form of handson touch (not to correct or “fix” you, but to offer modifications or other experiential options) If you are uncomfortable with physical touch, please communicate that to your teacher.

~Let your teacher know about injuries or conditions that might affect your practice. Even if you don’t think it’s anything serious. Teachers can offer modifications, or suggestions that will help you feel safer and more supported.

~Along those lines, let your teacher know if anything felt strange or uncomfortable during or after your yoga practice. It might be a sign that a part of your body needs support or modification during your yoga practice.

~Please silence your cell phone. Even when phones are on vibrate mode, they can still sometimes be heard in class (like when everyone is in Relaxation Pose). That can be very distracting.

~We love it when students use props and especially when they put away any props they used.

~Enjoy a complimentary cup of hot tea after your class.

~Check out our lending library. We have some very interesting books and dvds. We’re happy to accept your donations, too!

~Bring a friend!