Wendy McGurk

  Who I am: A nurturing, seeking, steadfast, family loving, beach-life aspiring Yogi.

  What I teach: Presently, I teach Hatha Yoga – Gentle and Gentle/Intermediate

  My current classes and workshops include: Gentle/Intermediate Yoga – Tuesdays 5:45 PM


Why I teach: Practicing Yoga has brought me such joy and pleasure over the last 10 years. The power of Yoga is limitless if you just open yourself and let it in. Yoga has given me resources in mind, body and spirit that have enabled and encouraged me to deal with life’s many stressors, as well as, sometimes overwhelming emotions. For me, practicing Yoga is finding and acknowledging myself amidst the chaos. I teach for the opportunity to share both the emotional and physical benefits that Yoga has blessed me with!

My classes are: I strive for my classes to be fun and non-intimidating. Often, they are theme based – a special day, a quote or poem, a new moon, an attribute. I enjoy sequencing classes with a focus that allows us to connect our breath with the physical movement of our bodies while linking a mindful theme throughout. My classes encourage long, mindful stretches, proper alignment based in anatomy, slow flows, sweet music, breathing techniques and I hope – a sense of joy, lightness and relaxation.

What brought me to Yoga: I found Yoga over 10 years ago in search of quieting my mind while dealing with the many challenges of raising a child on the Autism Spectrum. Anxiety, depression and a high-stress position as a NICU Nurse in a busy Children’s Hospital are just a few issues that I needed relief from or at least, a healthy way to balance. My practice has given me the ability to find calm, peace and serenity both in mind and body as it has taught me to let go of the feelings and emotions that do not serve me. I call Yoga “my soft place to land.”

Favorite pose (and why): My favorite pose is Pigeon (Kapotasana). I carry a lot of stress and emotion in my hips. There are so many muscles, tendons and ligaments that work together in our daily activities of walking and sitting this becomes an easy area to neglect. I believe this is why Pigeon is such a challenging pose for almost all of us but the reward is equally effective.  It sometimes takes me a while to find my way into this asana but once I find the “sweet spot” it’s all about softening and surrender.

Off the mat, I: am an avid reader, movie lover and beach goer. I love spending time outside with my family and friends, especially on the water – kayaking, fishing, paddle boarding and swimming. If I am not on my mat or in the water, you can usually find me taking long walks on the Perkiomen Trail or in Peace Valley Park. I also enjoy photography and travel and hope for more opportunities for both in the future.

Inspiration: In the end, only three things matter: How much you loved, how gently you lived and how gracefully you let go of things not meant for you.” (This has been attributed to everyone from Buddha to Johnny Depp)

When you come out of the storm, you won’t be the same person who walked in. That’s what the storm is all about.” – Murakami

Just Breathe!”

Certifications, Trainings and Degrees:

~200 hour YTT – Anahata Yoga and Wellness (June, 2015)

~MHEd, MHA – St. Joseph’s University ( May, 2002)

~BSN – Temple University (May, 1989)