Trame Vibrational Therapy

with Murielle Bollen

Trame (Trom) is a therapeutic hands-on Vibrational Therapy that works in a holistic manner to reinstate overall health and well-being. It is a gentle and non-intrusive technique that works at the cellular level to release crystallized physical and emotional blockages to restore the body to its authentic unified state and frequency. Imagine a carpet, if we shake it from one end, we would create a wave to run through it. If stones accumulate on the carpet, it disturbs the fluidity of the wave. However, if we continue to shake it, the stones will be removed. The objective of Trame is to remove these “stones”, these crystallized emotions from the body so that energy and information can flow freely again. Learn more about Trame at Murielle’s website

Benefits of Trame Vibrational Therapy

Decreased pain

Increased energy

Improved sleep

Improved concentration and clarity

Improved relationships

Increased self-confidence

Easing of depression and anxiety symptoms

Greater ability to manage trauma and stress

Boosts the immune system


About Murielle…Murielle is a writer, a shaman at heart and an intuitive healer. She is a Licensed Practitioner of Trame Therapy, accredited by The Canadian Association of La Trame. Murielle beliefs that healing, true healing, has to happen from the inside out instead of the other way around. A belief that was put to the test when she was diagnosed with cancer in 2011. Murielle went deep inside to look for her True Self, to find that luminous being that she was meant to be. Although she was lost in a world of fear and darkness for a while, she never stopped believing that the cancer was there to show her the way. People and courses were put on her path and her understanding of healing, her connection to Mother Earth and the force that unifies us deepened. Her love for life, for her family, and especially for herself reached a new level of purity and intensity. A new sense of awareness was awakened. A new Taste of Life was born.

Her purpose in life is to share her experiences, her knowledge, her intuitive capabilities and her healing power with the world. Her purpose in life is to bring people back to unity, within themselves, with their environment and with the universe so that they can experience the fullest and most exquisite Taste of Life.


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