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    Anahata T-Shirts for Sale!! Limited time offer!

    When you purchase one of our t-shirts, not only do you look great, but you help support Anahata and her mission to grow yoga, reiki and meditation in the world…. More Info

    LS $43.99
    Plus Sizes $22.99
    Unisex $23.99
    Slouchy $26.99
    Plus Shipping
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    $59 Fabulous Fall Special

    30 Days of Unlimited Yoga! That’s more than ½ off our regular Monthly Unlimited price of $109-auto renews at $99! This special is for all our Anahata students~new students, those… More Info

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    Happy 5 Year Anniversary Anahata!!

    Thank you all so much for supporting us and helping us create the vibrant, loving community that is Anahata! ~We’re looking forward to more sharing, more learning,  and more growing~… More Info

  • Learn to Manage Lower Back Pain & Sciatica Without Medication, Injections, or Surgery

    A special event for the Anahata Yoga & Wellness Center Community with Dr. Charlie Johnson  Saturday, October 15th | 10am-Noon  This FREE workshop is for you if: ~You’ve missed work… More Info

    It's FREE!
  • Fall Self-Care Seriesat Anahata with dates Beth K

    Fall Self-Care Series at Anahata~Save the Dates!

    Join us for these special workshops designed to help you Love and Care for yourself and those you Love! Our Fall Self-Care Series is a series of workshops offered on the… More Info

  • 34141939 - yoga pose, abstract color illustration over white background

    New This Fall! Vibrant Vinyasa

    with Amy Organski Beginning 9/10/2016 Saturdays 8-9am | Signup Here!   Get your weekend started with this energetic vinyasa  flow class. Class integrates breath with active movements that gradually build… More Info

    $17 Dropin
    $70 5 Class Package
    $130 10 Class Package
    $109 Unlimited Monthly
    $99 Auto Renew
  • 28793736 - yoga pose, abstract color illustration over white background

    New This Fall!! Mindful Flow

    with Sarah York Beginning Sept 7th Wednesdays 9:30-10:45 | Signup Here! Connect with body, mind and heart in this rhythmic and meditative Hatha flow class. The practice is designed to build strength with a strong focus on safe anatomical alignment.  Pranayama, meditation… More Info

    $17 dropin
    5 Class Package $70
    10 Class Package $130
    $109 Unlimited Monthly
    $99 Auto Renew Monthly
  • yoga pic for Jen's class

    Returning!! Sunday Night Gentle Yoga

    with Jen Dombrowski Beginning 9/11/2016-Sundays 7-8:15pm  | Signup Here!   “Nothing can bring you peace except yourself.”-Ralph Waldo Emerson. Wind down from a long week and lay the foundation for the next with… More Info

    $17 dropin
    $70 5 class package
    $130 10 class package
    $109 Unlimited Monthly
    $99 Unlimited Monthly Auto Renew
  • 16815605 - yoga dancer s pose  natarajasana

    New Tuesday Night Class! Gentle/Intermediate Yoga

    New Class!! Beginning Sept 6th | Tuesdays 5:45-7pm | with Wendy McGurk | Signup Here!  Fridays, 9:30-10:45am | with Mark Smerkanich |  Signup Here!   This class includes breathwork and postures designed to open, stretch,… More Info

    $17 Dropin
    $70 5 Class Package
    $130 10 Class Package
    $109 Unlimited Monthly
    $99 Auto Renew
  • Yoga group

    New Student Special!

    Try 3 yoga classes for just $30! | Signup Here! That’s just $10 per class! New to Anahata? We are so happy to welcome you to our lovely yoga space…. More Info

    Wow! 3 Classes for $30! That's only $10 per class!
  • om purple pic

    Is Yoga for Me?

    Yoga has become so popular these days. More and more, people are learning of all the amazing benefits of yoga. Medical doctors, chiropractors, psychologists, and counselors in many fields are… More Info

    Special $35 Introductory Rate for New Students
  • Kripalu_Yoga

    Hello Yoga! Beginners (and Revisitors) Yoga Series

    with Kathy Tooley November Tuesdays-11/8, 11/22 and 11/29 (no class 11/15) | Registration is required | Signup Here!  January Tuesdays-1/3, 1/10 and 1/17 | 7:30-9pm | Registration is required |… More Info

    Add 30 Days of Unlimited Yoga for $30
    $79 total
  • meditation yoga pic orange

    Can I Really Learn to Meditate?

    Would you like to learn to meditate? Perhaps you’ve tried it and felt frustrated or unsure. Anahata offers private one-on-one meditation instruction for those who would like to try meditation… More Info

    $25 for 60 minutes of Private Instruction
    $15 each to add others and create your own private group
  • Autobiography pic

    Book Discussion Group~Autobiography of a Yogi

    Meets Tuesday 9/27 | 7:30-9pm  This summer, Anahata’s  Book Discussion Group begins with the yoga classic, Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda. Named one of the 100 best spiritual books of… More Info

    Donations gratefully accepted to support the Center!
  • Fall Self-Care Seriesat Anahata-no-dates Beth K

    Learning the Ayurvedic Facelift

    with Beth Knudson Friday, September 30th | 5:30-7:30  | Signup Here! In this two hour fun-shop, you’ll learn some simple ways to help soothe your sinuses, reduce headaches, encourage mindfulness, and… More Info

    $45 Early Registration and Payment before September 16th
    $55 after
  • yoga heart pink

    Meditation~Exploration of the Heart

    with Kathy Tooley Friday, October 7th | 7-8pm | Signup Here! With crystal singing bowls to take you inward, explore the loving wisdom of your own heart. In sound and… More Info

  • Autobiography pic

    Movie Night: Awake~The Life of Yogananda

    Tuesday, October 11th | 7:30-9:30pm | Signup Here! AWAKE: The Life of Yogananda is an unconventional biography about the Hindu Swami who brought yoga and meditation to the West in… More Info

  • Chakra yoga pic

    Introduction to the Chakra System

    Saturday, October 15th | 2-5pm | Signup Here!  with Kathy Tooley Come, learn about your body’s energy system, the chakras. Discover how to use this knowledge to feel more grounded,… More Info

  • restorative yoga

    Restorative Yoga with Live Flute

    with Kathy Tooley E-RYT and Flutist Annie Vanaskie Sunday, October 16th | 2-3:15pm | Signup Here!  The great Greek philosopher, Aristotle, wrote in his treatise on the Soul, De Anima, that flute… More Info

  • Fall Self-Care Seriesat Anahata-no-dates Beth K

    Simple Vedic Thai Yoga Techniques for Everyone

    with Beth Knudson Friday, October 21st | 5:30-7:30pm | Signup Here! Vedic Thai Yoga is an Asian martial art of healing. It looks (and feels!) like yoga, massage, and meditation,… More Info

    $45 Early Registration & Payment before October 14th
    $55 after
  • 48132321 - lord ganesha and om mandala symbol. round ornament pattern.

    Yoga for Pelvic Health Workshop

    Saturday, October 22nd | 11:30-1:30pm | Signup Here! Come to this workshop to learn about the all-important abdominal and pelvic floor muscles. Knowledge of these muscles and how to activate… More Info

  • dancing with the angels pic 2

    Dance with the Angels

    with Katie Haegele and Kelly Thomke Saturday, October 22nd  |6:30-9pm |Please  Signup Here!  THANK YOU!  Experience the connection to the energy of Mother Earth as well as to the angelic energy… More Info

  • eat with love pic Beth K 2

    How to Eat with Love

    with Beth Knudson  Saturday, October 22nd | 2-5pm | Signup Here!   Have you ever looked in the mirror and criticized or judged what you saw? Does it sometimes feel… More Info

    $60 when registered and paid before October 12th
    $75 after
  • Restorative yoga pic

    Restorative Yoga

    Every 4th Saturday!  | 9:30-10:45am | Signup Here!   This is a popular class-your preregistration is required.  So we can accommodate all interested students,  please let us know if you are… More Info

    $17 dropin
    Or, use your Anahata Yoga Class Package!
  • yin yang pic

    Ayurveda & Yoga~Balancing Vata Dosha Workshop

    Saturday, October 29th | 10am-12:30pm with Kathy Tooley What time of day is best for Vata dosha types to eat, sleep, exercise, work? Through conversation and exercises, as well as… More Info

  • Stuck #2 Jenny Boylan's workshop Getting Unstuck

    Get “Unstuck” and Find Direction for Your Life

     Saturday, October 29th | 7-8:30pm | Signup Here! Has your life felt “stuck” in a rut?  Yet do you also feel capable of being or achieving so much more…if only… More Info

  • Yin Picture

    Autumn Yin Yoga Workshop

    with Liz Chesla Sunday, October 30th | 11am-1pm | Signup Here! Autumn is the season of transformation as we turn from the energetic heat of the summer to the quiet… More Info

  • 5-Stones-Balancing-with-Leaf


    Healing & Balance with Yoga and Acupuncture Sunday, October 30th | 2-4pm | Signup Here!  This special class combines yoga and acupuncture to nourish and support your body in this season… More Info

    $45 if registered after October 20th
  • hand pic 2

    Yoga Nidra

    with Kathy Tooley Tuesday, November 1st  | 7:15-8:15pm | Signup Here!   Explore Yoga Nidra to connect to your inner peace Yoga nidra, also known as yogic sleep, is a… More Info

    $17 dropin
    Or, use your Anahata Yoga Class Package!
  • Fall beer image

    Fall Friday Yoga and Beer Share

    Friday, November 4th | 6-9pm | Signup Here! Here’s a fun way to end your workweek…Join us for a one hour evening yoga class and afterwards share some of your… More Info

    Space is limited so, please let us know by Monday, October 17th if you are able to join us!
  • FreeVector-Yoga-Logos cropped

    Joint Freeing Yoga

    with Liz Chesla   Every 3rd Sunday of the month | 9:30-10:45am | Registration recommended | Signup Here!    The Joint Freeing Series (Pawanmuktasana I) gently and systematically moves each joint… More Info

    $17 Dropin or use your Anahata Class Package
  • Fall Self-Care Seriesat Anahata-no-dates Beth K

    Yoga and Eating Meditation (featuring Wine and Chocolate!)

    with Beth Knudson Friday, November 18th | 5:30-7:30 | Signup Here! Join us for an evening of moving and feeding ourselves lovingly. Beth will move you through a mindful yoga flow,… More Info

    $55 Early Registration & Payment before November 4th
    $65 after
  • 1st chakra pic

    1st Chakra Workshop~Get Grounded!

    with Kathleen Tooley Saturday, November 19th  | 1-4pm | Signup Here! Muladhara, the root chakra is our connection to the earth and the survival elements that keep us secure and… More Info

  • ayurveda self care pic stones marigold

    Self-Care with Ayurveda Workshop

    with Kathleen Tooley Sunday, November 27th | 1-4pm | Signup Here! Learn simple, yet effective Ayurvedic practices to care  for your body. We all know we receive information from the… More Info

    $45 Registered & Paid before November 17th
    $55 After
  • thanksgiving pic

    Thanksgiving Yoga Class~Free

    with Kathleen Tooley  Thursday, November 24th | 9-10am |  Please Signup Here! We are so grateful to you, our students for supporting us all year long. Through the practice of… More Info

    In Gratitude, It's FREE!
    However, your generous donations to Anahata are always accepted with a joyful heart.
  • 3rd chakra pic

    3rd Chakra Workshop-Energize, Empower, Transform

    Saturday, January 21st | 2-5pm  Manipura, the 3rd Chakra is the energy center of our bodies that connects us to our place of personal power, self-love, self-worth, will and ego…. More Info

  • AnahataLogoFinal

    4th Chakra Workshop-Opening the Heart

    Saturday, February 18th | 2-5pm  Would you like to incorporate knowledge of the chakras into your life?  Into your yoga? Chakras are spinning “wheels” or vortexes of energy in our… More Info

  • 5th Chakra

    5th Chakra Workshop-Express Yourself!

     Saturday, March 18th | 2-5 with Kathy Tooley Do the words in your head and from your heart get stuck in your throat? Do you find it challenging to say… More Info

  • Reiki pics

    Reiki Classes

    With Usui Reiki Master/Teacher Kathleen A. Tooley Do you feel the call to become a Reiki Practitioner?  Reiki is an invaluable tool that can be used  anytime to bring healing… More Info

    Classes include Reiki Manual & Certificate of Completion
    Registration required 7 days prior to class start
    Please bring a light lunch and, if you like, a journal.
  • healing

    Reiki Sessions

    with Kathleen Tooley Reiki (pronounced “ray-key”) is an energy practice where practitioners channel the universal life energy (in yoga, we call this prana. Chinese medicine calls it Qi) through their… More Info

    $40 for 30 minute session
    $70 for 60 minutes
    $95 for 90 minutes
    Ask about our sliding fee scale option

    Reiki/Healing Energy Share

    Every 4th Saturday 2-4pm | Energy Practitioners | Come share your healing gifts with others  4-4:30 | Open to community members wishing to explore energy healing | Donations Joyfully Accepted… More Info

    Donations to Anahata for use of the space are Joyfully Accepted!
  • pretty flowers for massage


    with Lori Eder Anahata is proud to offer Massage services as part of our wellness program. Massage is generally considered part of complementary and alternative medicine. It’s increasingly being offered… More Info

  • Domenic at AH & H Fair

    Reconnective Healing

    with Domenic Parisano What is Reconnective Healing? Reconnecitve Healing was founded  by Dr Eric Pearl. Reconnective Healing is a form of healing that is here on the planet for the… More Info

  • meditation pic

    Meditation Group~Evening

    Meets every Thursday |5:30-6:30pm   Meditation facilitated by Kathleen Tooley Have trouble meditating on your own? Sometimes the power of group dynamics can make it a little easier. Meditation has… More Info

  • package pic

    Gift Certificates

    Anahata offers Gift Certificates in any denomination. You decide how much you would like to spend.  It’s so easy to purchase Gift Certificates at our Online Store-Just Go Here! Look… More Info

    Pick any amount!
  • 22096545_s

    Anahata Yoga Teacher Training (AYTT) Fall/Winter 2016/2017

    Open Your Heart.  Share Your Passion. Learn to Teach Yoga. Our name, Anahata, can be translated as the “energy of the heart.” We chose this name to not only represent… More Info

  • creating on purpose pic

    Creating on Purpose: A Unique Book Study Series on Manifestation

    Using the Chakra System as a tool for manifesting the life of your dreams based on the bestselling book Creating on Purpose by Anodea Judith and Lion Goodman Series begins Tuesday,… More Info

    All 8 Monthly Workshops $240
    Monthly Payment Option $35
  • peaceful warrior yoga pic

    Dynamic Yoga Flow

    with Vanessa Sychak Thursdays 7-8pm | Signup Here!  This vinyasa-based flow focusses on the dynamic qualities of movement and breath. Incorporating active movements and engaging breath allows practitioners to experience… More Info

    $17 dropin
    $70 for 5 Class Package
    $130 for 10 Class Package
    $109 Unlimited Monthly
    $99 Unlimited Auto Renewal
  • WS0800

    Gentle Yoga

    with Joan Smith  Wednesdays 5:30-6:45PM |  Signup Here!    Most everyone can benefit from and enjoy yoga, whatever their age or physical ability. In this class, a loving, nurturing environment is created… More Info

    $17 per class
    $70 for 5 class package
    $130 for 10 class package
    Monthly Unlimited $109
  • womanstretchingforblog

    Gentle Kripalu Yoga

    Mondays 5:30-6:45pm | Signup Here! with Kathy Tooley Kripalu means compassion in Sanskrit, the language of yoga’s origins. Kripalu is an  inquiry-based form of hatha yoga. Gentle Kripalu Yoga classes… More Info

    $17 per class
    $70 for 5 class package
    $130 for 10 class package
    Monthly Unlimited $109
  • yoga pics

    Gentle/Intermediate Kripalu Yoga

    Mondays 7-8:15pm | This class is often full~please consider registering to save your space! | Signup Here!  with Kathy Tooley Kripalu means compassion in Sanskrit, the language of yoga’s origins…. More Info

    $17 per class
    $70 for 5 class package
    $130 for 10 class package
    Monthly Unlimited $109
    $99 for Auto Renewal
  • 40723483 - group of smiling pregnant women doing prenatal yoga.

    Prenatal Yoga Class Series

    Fall Series I~Wednesdays 7:15-8:30pm | Sept 7th-Oct 26th | Please call 215-740-1354 with questions or to register | Signup Here! Prenatal Yoga class is a wonderful opportunity for moms-to-be to prepare their… More Info

    $17 per class
    3 for $30 New Student Special
    $70 for 5 class package
    $130 for 10 Classes
  • yoga props pic

    Therapeutic Yoga

    with Beth Knudson Tuesdays  9-10:15am | Signup Here! Become attuned to the messages you receive from your body. This mindful practice increases awareness and reduces stress using gentle yoga asana,… More Info

    $17 dropin
    $70 5 class package
    $130 10 class package
    $109 Unlimited Monthly
    $99 Unlimited Monthly Auto Renew
  • yin yang yoga

    Yin/Yang Yoga

    Mondays 9:30-10:45AM | Signup Here!  with Liz Chesla  Cultivate inner and outer strength with a perfectly balanced blend of yin and yang yoga. Warming salutations and standing poses stretch and… More Info

    $17 per class
    $70 for 5 class package
    $130 for 10 class package
    Monthly Unlimited $109
  • 13107400 - abstract yoga background - vector illustration

    Yoga for School Teachers/Aides

    Thursdays 4:15-5:15pm | Signup Here! with Kathy Tooley While you’re not at school this summer, come and practice yoga with fellow teachers, aides and school personnel at this special class… More Info

    Special Rate for Teachers and School Staff 6 Classes for $60
    $12 dropin
  • East-West Fusion Yoga Pilates Class

    Yoga/Pilates Fusion

    with Beth Knudson Thursdays | 9-10:15am | Signup Here! An East-West Fusion~Yoga and Pilates are beautiful complimentary systems that touch the muscles and encourage body awareness in different ways. Both… More Info

    $17 Dropin
    5 Class Package $70
    10 Class Package $130
    Unlimited Monthly $109
    Auto Renew $99
  • Chakra yoga pic

    6th & 7th Chakra Workshop-Seeing & Believing

    with Kathy Tooley Saturday, April 15th | 2-5pm  What are Chakras? Would you like to incorporate knowledge of the chakras into your life?  Into your yoga? Chakras are spinning “wheels”… More Info

  • 2nd chakra pic

    2nd Chakra Workshop~I’ve Got a Feeling

    with Kathleen Tooley Saturday, December 17th | 2-5pm  Svadhisthana, the 2nd chakra, is the energy center in your body that connects to pleasure, desire, sensuality, passion, movement, flow and emotions…. More Info

  • Summer Hot Abstract Sun With Heart

    Spectacular Summer 20 Class Package~It’s Back!!

    Are you ready to have a Spectacular Summer??! take 20 Yoga Classes for only $150 that’s just $20 more than our 10 class package and you get take twice as many… More Info

    $150 for 20 Yoga Classes
  • Amiee Wright photo

    Private Psychic Reiki Sessions

    with Intuitive Psychic Medium and Reiki Master, Amiee Wright   Call 215-260-0329 or email Amiee at to schedule your private session About Amiee….Amiee Wright is an Intuitive Psychic Medium… More Info

  • yoga pic tree leaves

    Ayurveda & Yoga Class~Balancing Vata Dosha

    with Kathleen Tooley Fall/Winter is Vata Season. This intermediate level yoga class will weave information on Vata dosha throughout a yoga practice designed to pacify Vata. Individuals who are predominately… More Info

    $16 or use your Anahata Class Package
  • Restorative yoga pic

    Restorative Yoga, Reflexology & Reiki

    with Joan Smith, Kathy Tooley, Tracy McGovern of Essential Connections, and her team of Reflexologists Please go here to register and save your space~ there’s only space for 8 lucky… More Info

    There's only room for 8 lucky participants~your prepaid registration and attendance is very important!