iRest Yoga Nidra

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with Sarah York | Read Sarah’s Bio 

Tuesdays | 7-8pm | Signup Here!

iRest Yoga Nidra is a restorative guided meditation practice with a focus on releasing stress, remembering your wholeness and promoting healing and wellness.

The practice is open to absolutely everyone and with the practitioner’s comfort in mind, can be done lying down, sitting or even standing. Yoga nidra is an unsurpassed means of relaxing the body and relieving the mind of stress and worry. No yoga experience required!

*Research conducted at well recognized universities and medical centers such as Stanford, Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Medical College of Ohio, and others, shows that regular Yoga Nidra practice offers a viable means of prevention and reversal of numerous ailments and diseases including cardiovascular, stress, heart, pain and psychosomatic conditions. Yoga Nidra is being used in many therapeutic settings to treat anxiety, depression and PTSD.

Where Savasana ends, Yoga Nidra begins






$17 dropin
Or, use your Anahata Yoga Class Package!

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