Kripalu Center for Yoga Group Retreat~Fall 2017

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 Save 20% off your accommodations by coming with the group!!  

Come with us!! Treat yourself to a relaxing yoga vacation! Join your fellow Anahata yogis for this special trip to the world-renowned Kripalu Center in Stockbridge, Massachusetts.  Kripalu is the largest yoga-based retreat center in North America. While you are here, enjoy daily yoga classes, natural-foods cuisine, Healing Arts (includes a complete Ayurveda offering), hiking trails, sauna, like-minded people, and extraordinary views—all in the natural beauty of the Berkshires of western Massachusetts.

Even though it’s a group retreat, you are free to choose any activity that calls to you. Three yoga classes to pick from three times a day. The afternoon dance. Labyrinth walk. Maybe you’d like to just curl up on a couch and finally read that book of yours? And, the food is AMAZING! 

Coordinated by Anahata owner and Kripalu yoga instructor, Kathy Tooley, participants can choose from a variety of yoga classes, take part in experiential workshops, unwind in the whirlpool and explore the Berkshires with Kripalu’s affordable group discount pricing.

A trip to Kripalu provides:

~A chance to thoroughly unwind from daily stresses

~Complete relaxation through yoga postures and breathing

~A deeper connection to your yoga practice

~Healthy meals all prepared for you

~Clear focus and sense of perspective

~Space and time to reflect on life

Yoga, meditation, relaxation, and more. Do it all—or do nothing at all. Our group retreat allows you to experience all that Kripalu has to offer- alone or with group members. You might choose to attend classes or workshops with those in our gro

up, or you might choose to explore on your own-make some new friends. People from all over the country visit Kripalu! We’ll arrange to meet at mealtimes, and it’s your choice if you join us. If you need travel support, please let us know. Carpooling is available. Kripalu is a scenic 4.5 hour drive away from Anahata. 

Where: Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health in Stockbridge, Massachusetts

When: Friday, Sept 29th-Sunday, Oct 1st

Cost: Depends on your choice of accommodations-could be as low as $300

Questions?  Call Kathy @215-740-1354 or E-mail:

Group Organizer: Kathy Tooley | My Bio


Please  call in your own registration before Sept 15th.  Anyone who wishes to join the group can do so by calling Kripalu Registration at 800-741-7353 and speaking with anyone there. Please supply the registration advisor with the following: 

(1) The program desired along with the dates of stay (9/29-10/1) Consider the R & R Retreat-you’ll have lots of ti

me to explore Kripalu. Great choice for 1st timers!

(2) The accommodation type desired (visit with us or pick up a catalog at Anahata)

(3) When the registration advisor requests payment, mention that you are with  Kathy Tooley’s Group

(4) Pro

vide credit card information to confirm the registration.

A 50% deposit on the stay is due at the time of registration. The KYAA group discount (if earned-we need 5 people in the group to receive the discount) is applied to each registration approximately one week prior to arrival and the balance is then charged automatically to the credit card. Please register by September 15th 

As always, registrations are made on a “first come, first served” basis. This means Kripalu does not hold program or accommodation space aside for grou

p members.

Group members can enroll in different programs from one another. You can do the R & R retreat or choose from a variety of weekend programs (additional costs). Weekends and certain other dates can sell out well in advance, so it is strongly recommended to make your registration as soon as you’ve decided you want to come.

Those from the same group who select dormitory accommodations will be placed in the same women’s or men’s dorm together whenever possible. We are unable to guarantee that last minute registrations will be housed with the rest of the group. Anyone who snores will be placed into a dorm for women or men who snore. You should expect for there to be other guests sharing the dorms with your group members.

Visit Kripalu with our Anahata group and receive 20% the price of accommodations!

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