Gentle/Intermediate Yoga

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with Marianne Lane-Noreika 

Fridays 9:30-10:45am | Signup Here!

 This class includes breathwork and postures designed to open, stretch, and strengthen the body. Compassionate awareness to the body/mind/spirit experience is developed. Breath and movement are coordinated to deepen the experience and to create a safe, steady and stabilizing practice.  Gentle does not mean without challenge. Students will be safely guided  into their unique expression of yoga. Students report feeling stronger, more grounded, and more relaxed after this class.

Why is this class called Gentle/Intermediate and not simply Gentle or Intermediate? These Gentle/Intermediate classes allow the instructor to open up to the energy of the students in attendance that day, offering modifications for those who wish more ease and for those who desire more intensity. 



$17 per class
$70 for 5 class package
$130 for 10 class package
Monthly Unlimited $109
$99 for Auto Renewal

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