Day of Devotion & Celebration~Kirtan!

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Meditation & Swami Kripalu Stories | 1-5pm | Muktidham | $25 suggested donation | Signup Here!

with Chandrakant John Hiester 

Chandrakant John Hiester is a preacher’s son, a Vietnam era veteran and a graduate of Rutgers University. He has distilled more than three decades of practice and study with Gurudev, Amrit Desai  into simple, engaging teachings designed to help you enter the next level of your practice. In 2008, Gurudev bestowed upon Chandrakant the title of Yogacharya, preceptor of Yoga. This is the same title Bapuji bestowed on Gurudev in 1972.

***Vegetarian Potluck 5-6:30pm | Reihman Farm | Just Come! ***

Kirtan 7pm-9pm | Reihman Farm | $25 suggested donation | Signup Here! 

with Mark Kelso and Arti Ross Kelso

Mark Kelso, also known as Hansaraj, has been doing kirtan for over 40 years. Having met Amrit Desai at the age of 16, and Swami

Kripalu at the age of 19, his musical life was altered by the chanting of the divine name. He studied Indian music while at the Oberlin Conservatory with Nada Yoga master Roop Verma, himself a one-time student of Swami Kripalu, as well as a friend of Amrit’s. In addition to his solo piano CDs (on the Narada/Virgin/EMI  and Muddy Angel labels), Mark has recorded over 10 CDs of Sanskrit chanting.  He has chanted with Ram Dass, Krishna Das, Durga Das and even with Haagen Dazs.

Arti Ross Kelso combines her deep love of yoga with a degree in music.  A graduate of Kripalu’s School of Ayurveda and of One Spirit, an inter-spiritual seminary, Arti is a lifelong student of transformation.  With Mark she has toured throughout the United States teaching and performing.


Directions and Information

Muktidham Address/Direction:  5959 Woodridge Drive Green Lane, PA 18054

The gravel drive to Muktidham is between houses 5961 and 5957.  Please park on the street, not on the grass in front of the wooded area, and walk to Muktidham

Reihman Farm Address:  1050 Reihman Road, Green Lane PA 18054   Pull up driveway and follow signs to park.

Hotel Suggestion:  Springhill Suites by Marriott - 1930 John Fries Hwy, Quakertown, PA 18951  (215) 529-6800


For more information, please call or text Kathy at 215-740-1354 or email Charlyn Reihman at 

Since Swami Kripalu, Bapuji left Muktidham in 1981, it has been preserved and maintained as a sacred pilgrimage place by Kripalvananda Yoga Institue, Inc. (KYI), a non-profit corporation. Through Muktidham we can experience Bapuji’s special blessings and connect with his subtle loving presence. Muktidham is a place for gatherings, chanting, satsang, meditation, and other devotional practices. Muktidham is the spiritual home of the Kripalu neage and all are welcome to come in celebration of love and peace.

           Love & Gratitude to the Amrit Yoga Institute for sponsoring this special event

Please consider a Love Donation of $108 to support Muktidham and the Kripalvananda Yoga Institute

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