Sandra Andersson

      Who I am: Sunshine and smiles; Organization and minimalism; Mom and Grandmom;  Active and versatile; Conscious and proactive.  

      What I teach:  Gentle Yoga

      My current classes and workshops include: Yes You Really Can Do Yoga!

Why I teach:  Personally, my yoga mat brings me back-back to center, back home and back to balance. Professionally, my teaching is a way to live my purpose-to inspire and to empower.

My classes are: Honoring the mechanics of your body, with a safe place to explore the edge of your abilities today and tomorrow.

What brought me to yoga:  Originally, my mother started teaching yoga in 1975 (!) So, I have been exposed to yoga since I was a teenager.

Favorite pose (and why):  Tree. Because this was a pose I couldn’t do. As I have improved, this pose has improved. I find it to be playful as well as grounding.

Off the mat, I: I’m the CEO (Chief Envisioning Officer) of Family Chiropractic and Wellness Center of Lederach, chiropractor of 35 years, mom of four, grandma of 2, wife of Russ and lover of life.

Inspiration (a favorite quote or two):  Every student in my class is someone else’s hero.

Certifications, Trainings & Degrees:

~Doctor of Chiropractic

~Owner of Family Chiropractic of Lederach, LLC

~200 Hour Certified Yoga Teacher, ANahata Yoga and Wellness Center (2016)