Mark Moliterno

Who I am (in 10 words or less): A Teacher who believes in the good in everyone.

What I teach: Classical Hatha yoga influenced by viniyoga and my personal Ashtanga practice. I teach from a foundation of the 8-fold path and how Yoga can provide a framework for personal transformation in our everyday lives. I am the founder of YogaVoice®, a Hatha based practice that incorporates sound, toning, and light chanting for improved creativity, health, and self-expression. I also co-direct a pilot program called Integrative Performance Wellness, which uses Yoga Therapy and Talk Therapy to help people with performance anxiety issues.

My current classes and workshops include: Classes: YogaVoice, Mixed level, Intermediate Hatha, Vigorous. Workshops include (sample): The YogaVoice Experience, Vocal Skills for Yoga Teachers, Yoga for Improving Communication, Chakra Yoga and Creativity, Finding your True Voice, Using Sound in Yoga Poses, Yoga for Throat, Neck, and Shoulders, The Meaning and Practice of AUM, Yoga and Nutrition, Authentic Creativity Through Song and Chant, Overcoming Performance Anxiety, Yoga Therapy for Lifestyle Management, Yama and Niyama in Daily Life, Sun Salutations: Theory and Practice

Why I teach: I believe that Yoga is a complete mind/body/spirit technology that meets each individual practitioner exactly at the point of his or her personal need. I love participating with others in the life-long journey of self-discovery and understanding. I am grateful for the path of Yoga in my own life.

My classes are: A typical class will incorporate a unified practice of asana, pranayama, relaxation, chanting, and light meditation, usually centered around a theme or topic. I try to create an affirmative and safe environment in which each person is encouraged to explore what the practice holds for him/her. My classes are based in the uniting of intention, breath, and movement; in that union we find physical grace, calmness of mind, and radiance of spirit. I encourage each student to challenge him or herself, regardless of where they are in their journeys, and to be open to what Yoga practice has to teach them.

What brought me to yoga: From my first experience of Yoga (during a summer singing engagement in the Canadian Rockies), I knew that I would practice for the rest of my life. I found an instant joy in the profound awareness of my body and the calming of my mind. I also innately understood (although I didn’t consciously have words for it at the time), that Yoga connected me to deeper parts of myself. This has propelled me in my life with Yoga for 27 years.

Favorite pose (and why): Sun Salutation. It is a complete practice and something can always be learned in the sequence and how body and breath move together. For me, Sun Salutation is like singing a song with my whole self: the movement from one posture to the next, with breath and intention, is like the movement of one melodic note to another in a song.

Off the mat, I:  I am a husband and father to three magnificent children. I am motivated in life by my spiritual practice. I enjoy biking, hiking, and kayaking. I am a professional singer and voice instructor. I enjoy working with people through my YogaVoice seminars, workshops and private sessions, and as a Yoga Therapist. My dharma is to be loving, compassionate, and generous.

Inspiration (a favorite quote or two): “Breathe”
Certifications, Trainings & Degrees:

  • Master of Music Degree, Oberlin Conservatory of Music
  • 500-hr Yoga Teacher Certification (Classical Yoga)
  • Comprehensive Yoga Therapy Certification (300 hr)
  • Founder of YogaVoice®
  • Co-Director: Integrative Performance Wellness Program at Westminster Choir College of Rider University