Kelly Thomke

  Who I am: Lover of Earth and her inhabitants, of music, dance, laughter, & mangoes

  What I offer: JourneyDance, Crystal Therapy, Warrior Goddess Training

  My current offerings include: JourneyDance, Crystal Therapy


Why I do what I do: All facets and subtleties of the human body fascinate me. I’m in awe of the wonders of our Earth and I believe all who live here are intertwined. There’s much to learn, therefore I teach.

My sessions are: Enlightening, fun, a lead-in to self-discovery and self-love

What brought me to what I do: An inexplicable draw to the movement drew me to JourneyDance. A thirst for deeper understanding of the human condition and energetic connections drew me to Crystal Therapy and Warrior Goddess Training.

Outside of Anahata, I: I love being with my family watching and discussing movies or kayaking on the lake or creating art at the dining table when we’re not eating family dinners on it.  I enjoy listening and dancing to music, discovering new things and places through travel. Learning and experiencing more about energy and vibration also lights me up.

Inspiration: A message to pass on as I turn 50:  Share your love, allow yourself to feel, be brave, dance.  K Thomke

Womanist [n.]: Loves music. Loves dance. Loves the moon. Loves the Spirit. Loves love and food and roundness. Loves struggle. Loves the folk. Loves herself regardless.     Alice Walker

Certifications, Trainings & Degrees:

~JourneyDance Certified Facilitator with Toni Bergins May 2013

~Certified Crystal Healer with Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy  March 2015

~Warrior Goddess Facilitator with HeatherAsh Amara September 2016