Crystal Therapy with Kelly

 Crystal Therapy is a vibrational medicine that incorporates the body’s energies with the energy of crystals to  achieve  balance within the body. It involves realignment of energetic frequencies and/or removal of any  energetic  blocks  while allowing for soul learning, healing, and spiritual growth. Combined with Angelic    vibrations, this  healing  becomes stronger.  Angels’ higher vibration emanates unconditional love which raises  vibrations and assists  healing.

A crystal therapy session is deeply relaxing, rejuvenating, clothing on with minimal contact where crystals and  stones are placed on or around the body while promoting good health via physical and energetic crystal  entrainment  while inviting in Angelic energy.

Sessions are 45 minutes and are held at Anahata on Tuesdays 9a -1p.  Call Kelly @215-534-4989 to make an appointment. 

Kelly Thomke | Earth