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Yes, YOU can do yoga!
Say YES to reducing stress and anxiety in your life
Say YES to practicing yoga in a non-competitive, non-judgmental environment
Say YES to experiencing the pleasure of deep, full breathing
Say YES to learning to love being in your body
Say YES to cultivating compassion for your self and others
Say YES to developing more self-acceptance
Say YES to mindful movement
Say YES to accepting your self just the way you are
Say YES to appreciating being in the present

Here's what WE say NO to...
NO fancy yoga outfits (just dress comfortably)
NO sweating (meaning we don't do hot yoga)
NO performing postures that don't feel good in your body (yoga is meant to support you)
NO fast movements (we move in coordination with the breath, which makes yoga safe for you)
NO membership fees (you don't have to pay to belong. you already belong here)

When you're ready, say YES to Anahata!
Anahata Yoga and Wellness Center
703 Harleysville Pike Harleysville PA